Frequently Asked Questions

Program HQ recommends holding your event at an off-site location within the dealer’s PMA, creating a low-pressure environment for participants and enhancing the feeling of supporting the community. You should work with your organization to determine the best place to host the event - whether it is at the school or charitable organization or a third-party location. Dealers are responsible for adhering to all local and state laws regarding off-site test-drives and vehicle displays. Events are to be held on one day and at one location only.

Your organization will earn $20 per household for each valid test-drive at the event. The maximum donation is $6,000 for your organization. Both the pre-registration and post-test-drive survey of the 2019 electronic waiver must be fully completed in order to be considered valid. A Lincoln Bonus Drive enhancement opportunity to raise additional funds, up to $2,000, will be available to dealers during the fall 2019 event session.

Anyone 18 years or older with a valid driver’s license can participate.

Dealers are encouraged to bring a full lineup of products with the highest trim level available. It is up to the dealership to determine which vehicles will be featured at the event. Test-drives completed in Ford vehicles are not eligible for a donation.

No, you may only partner with one organization during a single Driven to Give event.

No, you may work with other organizations outside of the pre-approved organization list. If you are interested in working with a charitable organization that is not pre-approved but in accordance with the charity guidelines, simply indicate so on the enrollment form. Once Program HQ receives the request, it will go through a charity approval vetting process, which will take five to seven business days. If the organization is approved, the dealership will receive an official confirmation email. If the request is denied, the dealer is eligible to select a new charity and submit a new enrollment request. However, as events are available on a first-come, first-served basis, your dealership is not guaranteed an event until a new event enrollment request has been submitted and is approved by Lincoln via a confirmation email. We do not recommend planning or promoting with the desired organization until confirmation of approval has been received from Program HQ.

All Lincoln dealers are eligible to host four fully funded Driven to Give events in fall 2019, from August 12 through December 15.

Registration will be limited within peak times throughout the session to ensure each event can be adequately supported by Program Headquarters. Please register as early as possible to secure the dealership's preferred event dates.

Yes! Feel free to attract people to your fundraisers however you like. Art galas, charity donor events, school fundraisers - whatever drives people your way.

Be creative! With permission of local businesses, feel free to spread the word to the rest of the community via their establishments. Send the provided customized invitations to community leaders. Use social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.) to share the news. Utilize the Driven to Give creative materials available on the website. More information about how to promote your event can be found in the Driven to Give PR Toolkit, located here.

The organization can expect to receive its check approximately four to six weeks after the event date. Please note that we cannot send checks to P.O. boxes, and that checks cannot be made out to the dealership or to an individual.

No. Only one Ford Motor Company-sponsored event can be held per day. This applies to Driven to Give, Drive 4 UR School and Drive 4 UR Community events.

This is the process by which test-drive data from each event is collected by Driven to Give tablets. All fall 2019 Driven to Give events will use iPads provided by Program HQ to complete electronic surveys and waiver forms. Once tablets are returned following an event, the data will be electronically processed. Valid test-drive data will be available approximately four to six weeks following the return of tablets. For any technical questions regarding iPad equipment, please contact the Latitude technical support line at (313) 486-5963. Preliminary event results can be found at using the login credentials provided with your iPad shipment.

Tablet Training Webinars are mandatory and extremely helpful in executing a successful event. These webinars will cover tips for efficient tablet use and proper survey process. If you are unable to attend a Tablet Training Webinar, there is a Tablet Training video on our website which you can review in preparation for your event.

Contact Driven To Give Program Headquarters by phone at (866) 917-3673. You may also reach us by email at